Dom Arnold

Bsc (Hons) PgDip

Freelance design born and raised in Jersey, Channel Islands. I started my journey to becoming a designer at my primary school by winning the Christmas card competition! To be honest it wasn’t really about the competition and my drawing was (still is) non-existent, but it was a decent introduction to the powerful scope of good computer skills, however rudimentary at the time 🙂

I was fortunate enough to go to a boarding school in Cheltenham where the facilities were awesome, this allowed me to explore the boundaries of what computers could produce. I quickly learnt that with the right tools, anything was possible! Everything seemed to require an open mind at this stage of my life and sometimes a different approach, in many ways it helped shape the man I am today.

After spending a year experiencing graphic design and production with an advertising agency and print companies in Jersey I was certainly encouraged to pursue a degree course in the field. I chose Multimedia, Production and Technology followed by a post graduate course in Media Graphic Design. Whilst in London as a student I also had a part-time job with a London advertising agency.

Off the strength of my graduation exhibition I was then offered the position of Graphic Designer for a range of companies including Jersey’s largest printer, offering a full service from design to print with HugglerPrint and working on exciting projects both in the private and public sectors from concept to printed product with Barnes Publishing. Being in-house I found myself spanning disciplines beyond my role and played a large part in evolving the marketing strategies for each company, using measurable results and my own experiences to develop my skills and strengthen the company’s position in their respective markets.

“Everything seemed to require an open mind at this stage of my life and sometimes a different approach, in many ways it helped shape the man I am today​”

The opportunity to start dealing with the media then presented itself, so I helped create & brand Your Island Solutions Ltd which soon became a Marketing Agency & a family business. We are an online lead generation company. I currently run this business on a day to day basis. This has provided invaluable experience and a working knowledge of countless forms of media including Google Adwords. I deal in digital marketing and outsource various requirements such as PPC and SEO online campaign work.

But the enjoyment & satisfaction I get from designing & finalising an advertising project has brought me to start up this company, First Solutions. I’m looking for my next challenge, my next experience, and my next opportunity to make a positive change.